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A. Introduction 

1. The Project is intended to improve 5,500 km in Madhya Pradesh (MP) over four yearly batches. Project implementation consultants (PICs) will be engaged by the state implementing agencies (IAs) to assist in 
(i) preparation of additional subprojects 
(ii) supervision of civil works, 
(iii) providing support for implementation of land acquisition plans and mitigation of other social impacts as required, and 
(iv) monitoring of environmental management plans. Three PICs will be recruited in MP, and each PIC will be responsible for implementation of the four annual batches of the Project for an area covering about a third of the state in MP. A project management consultant (PMC) will be engaged by MORD and assist in overall management, coordination and monitoring of the Project. 

B. Objectives 

2. The primary objectives of the services to be provided by the PICs are:

(i)        to facilitate subproject preparation in the second, third and fourth batches of the Project by assisting the IA in carrying out engineering socio-economic and environmental study, preparing subproject proposals to be submitted to ADB for approval, and preparing bidding documents for civil works;

(ii)        to assist the IA in procurement of civil works contracts in the four annual batches  of the Project under local competitive bidding (LGB) procedures;

(iii)       to carry out construction supervision of civil works to be implemented in the four annual batches;

(iv)       to assist the IA).monitoring project performance and preparing project completion reports.

C. The Consultant

3.         The services of a PIC will be provided by a domestically based consulting firm with international experience to be appointed by the IA in accordance with ADB's Guidelines on the Use of Consultants. The consultant will provide the staffing as indicated below, though in preparing their proposals the consultant may propose alternative arrangements that, in their opinion, will provide services of an equivalent quality. The final staffing will be adjusted to suit the actual procurement and implementation schedules.

D. Implementation Arrangements

4.        Under the overall guidance of the CEO of the IA, the consultant will work directly with their respective PlUs in preparing subproject proposals and administering construction contracts for the Project roads. The consulting services are expected to continue for 4 years covering almost the entire period of the loan.

5.         Each PIC will establish a main office in the part of the state it is responsible for and additional site offices in the districts where PlUs are located. The main office, headed by a team leader will be responsible for assisting the IA in civil works procurement, overall coordination among the site offices, and coordination with the IA and PMC. Each site office, headed by a resident engineer will be responsible for assisting the IA in subproject preparation at PIU level, supervising civil works, monitoring project performance, and coordination with the respective PIU. The staffing of each site office for supervision is to be approved by the respective PIU before commencement of work.

6.         The three PICs will be engaged in the following contract packages by respective IAs.

Contract Packages of Project Implementation Consultants

State of Madhya Pradesh 

Package No.

PlUs to be Covered 

Subproject Preparation

Procurement,Construction Supervision & Monitoring 


Bhopal*(Raisen, Vidisha), Guna, Hoshangabad (Harda), Betul, Shivpuri (Sheopur), Gwalior (Datia),  Morena (Bhind), Sagar, Rajgarh(Vidisha) (9 PlUs) 

 1,670 km for 2nd, 3rd  and 4th batches 1,830 km (approx. 40 contract packages) over 4 batches 
MP-2    Indore*(Khandwa), Dhar, Jhabua, Khargone (Badwani), Dewas (Shajapur), Uliain (Ratlam), Mandsaur (Neemuch) (7 PlUs)  1,670 km for 2nd, 3rd and 4th batches 1,830 km (approx. 40 contract packages) over 4 batches  
MP-3  Jabalpur*(Katni), Seoni (Narsinghpur) , Balaghat, Mandla (Dindori), Shahdol (Umaria),   Sidhi, Rewa, Satna, Chhatarpur (Tikamgarh), Damoh (Panna), Chhindwara (11 PlUs)  1,670 km for 2nd, 3rd and 4th batches  1,830 km (approx. 40 contract packages) over 4 batches 

* Main offices will be located in these PlUs. Districts in brackets belong to the PIU located in the district shown before the brackets.

E.         Scope of Work

Activity 1: Preparation of Subproject Proposals

7.         The consultant will assist the IA in subproject proposals by preparing detailed project reports (DPRs) and bidding documents for additional subprojects to be implemented in three roughly equal annual batches. The rural roads to be studied by the consultant for preparing the subproject proposals will have been identified by the IA following the procedures in the PMGSY guidelines. The activity will include the following:

(i)         For existing roads, survey conditions of pavement and assess adequacy of drainage system; and inventory detailed conditions of bridges and other cross drainage structures.

(ii)        Conduct topographic survey and soil investigations on the proposed alignment for collecting information necessary for designing civil works.

(iii)       Identify sources of construction material. Conduct a detailed soil and material survey for the purpose of pavement design and for ascertaining the location availability and suitability of road construction material.

(iv)       Based on detailed surveys and investigations, prepare engineering drawings, identify required land acquisition, if any, and prepare bill of quantities and cost estimates.

(v)        Assist the IA in developing contract packages suitable for local contractors, with maximum contract values of $3 million equivalent and minimum values of $1 million equivalent, and with total length of the roads ranging from about 25-75 km, taking into account the location of roads and practicality for implementation.

(vi)       Assist the IA in preparing bidding documents for each contract package based on the standard bidding documents approved by ADB,

(vii)      Conduct appropriate traffic counts for completed sections of rural roads as well as for sections to be upgraded, and carry out traffic analysis and forecast for the next 10 years. Estimate maintenance costs (routine and periodic maintenance separately) for the purpose of economic evaluation.

(viii)     Conduct economic feasibility studies in accordance with ADB requirements and on the basis of the subproject selection criteria.

(ix)       Conduct road safety audit at the feasibility study and detailed design stages and identify road safety issues, impacts and prioritization for treatment in the subsequent stages of project implementation.

(x)        Conduct environmental baseline survey, and prepare an initial environmental examination (IEE) and its summary for all subproject roads, including environmental management plan, in accordance with ADB's Environmental Assessment Guidelines. .

(xi)       Assist the IA to conduct social assessment, prepare an initial social assessment (ISA) for each subproject in accordance with relevant ADB guidelines, and, where necessary, prepare land acquisition plans (LAPs) based on appropriate surveys in accordance with ADB's resettlement guidelines and handbook, including full consultation with affected persons and relevant government agencies, and in accordance with ADB's Involuntary Resettlement Policy; and similarly assist the IA to prepare indigenous people's development plans (IPDPs) in areas where there are a significant proportion of scheduled caste and scheduled tribes in the population in accordance with ADB's Indigenous People's Policy.  

Activity 2: Assistance to the IA in Procurement

8.         The consultant will assist the IA in procurement of civil works contracts to be implemented in four batches: In each of the four batches, the consultant will assist the IA in inviting local contractors and foreign contractors operating in India for bid under LCB procedures, evaluation of bid, and preparing summary evaluation reports to be submitted to the IA.

Activity 3: Construction Supervision

9          The civil works will be executed under the PMGSY conditions of contract, as outlined in the bidding documents. Accordingly, the IA will be the employer and the consultant will function as the engineer for all civil works contracts under the Project. The consultant will appoint the team leader and the project manager of the each PIU to act as the engineer's representative for the contracts.  

10        As the engineer's representative, the consultant's team leader will implement the civil work contracts and ensure that the works are constructed in accordance with its provisions. The consultant will have all the powers defined in the PMGSY conditions of contract as being the engineer, except the following, which will be retained and exercised by the employer, on the advice of the engineer:

(i)   issuing the order to commence the works,

(ii)  approving a variation,

(iii) approving a new item rate or revised item rate for a BOQ item,

(iv) approving subletting of any part of the works,

(v)  approving an extension of time, and

(vi) deciding liquidated damages.

11.        The consultant's responsibilities will also include

(i)         approving contractor's work program, method statements, material sources, etc;

(ii)         preparing and issuing reports as defined subsequently;

(iii)        approving and/or issuing , approving the setting out of the works, and instructing the

(iv)        taking measurements and keep measurement records;

(v)         maintaining records, correspondence, arid diaries;

(vi)        certifying work volume and recommending interim certificates for progress payments;

(vii)       maintaining consolidated project accounts, and preparing financial statements;

(viii)      certifying completion of part or all of the works;

(ix)        processing the contractor's possible claims;

(x)        ensuring that road safety issues identified at the design stage are properly addressed
during construction; conducting a road safety audit at the completion of the works;

(xi)       ensuring minimum disruption/damage to the environment by approval of contractors' work statement/methodology, including monitoring the impact of construction works on the environment and local settlements, ensuring that contractors implement the environmental mitigation measures recommended by the IEE, and providing information to the IA in the monthly progress reports;

(xii)      assisting the IA in planning, implementing and monitoring of LAPs to ensure these are carried out in accordance with ADB's Involuntary Resettlement Policy.

(xiii)     assisting the IA and relevant agencies, such as Ministry of Labor and Health in monitoring, coordinating and supervising the implementation of health awareness campaign and compliance of Labor Laws for construction workers. The assistance will include preparation of manual and materials for health awareness campaign and compliance with Labor Laws.

(xiv)     providing the employer with complete records and reports, and approving the contractors' as-built drawings for the works; and

(xv)     providing advice and on-the-job training to the IA staff in contract administration.

Activity 4: Project Performance Monitoring and Project Completion Report

12.     The consultant will, in collaboration with PMC, assist the IA in monitoring and evaluation of the Project performance to be carried out under systematic project performance monitoring (PPM), which will be developed by MORD in accordance with ADB's Project Performance Management System Handbook.  

13.       The consultant will assist the IA in preparing the state level project completion report to be submitted to ADB within 3 months after project completion.  

14.        The consultant will assist the IA in providing required inputs for MORD to prepare national level project completion report.  

F.         Staffing and Other Inputs 

15         For each PIC a team of international and domestic experts will be recruited from a consulting firm based in India with substantial International experience. Recruitment will follow s quality and cost-based selection procedures in accordance with ADB's Guidelines on the Use of Consultants. The consulting firm will be expected to provide the following personnel for the indicated duration. The duration's given are indicative and subject to variation by agreement the IA and ADB. Consulting inputs will be about 55 person-months of international and 3,980 person-months of domestic (137 main office based and 3,840 site office based) for each PIC in MP. The PIC team composition and inputs are shown below.

PIC Team Composition and Input

Required Experience Staffing  Person-Month Input

Main Office Based Experts 

Senior Highway Engineer/Team Leader  International   1 46
 Design Engineer   International   1 6
 Transport Economist  International   1 3

Subtotal (International)

Highway Engineer/Deputy Team Leader  Domestic 1 50
Material Engineer  Domestic 1 13
Pavement Engineer Domestic 1 12
Structural Engineer  Domestic 1 9
 Drainage Engineer  Domestic 1 8
Geodetic Engineer  Domestic 1 13
Transport Economist    Domestic 1 8
Social Sector Specialist   Domestic 1 8
Resettlement Specialist Domestic 1 8
Environment Specialist Domestic 1 4
Road Safety Specialist    Domestic 1 4

Subtotal (Domestic)

Person-Month Input per PIC (Main Office Based) 192

Site Office Based Experts

 Input for an average size contract to cover 40-50 km in 15 months 

 Resident Engineer   Domestic 1 16
Assistant Material Engineer Domestic 1 16
Field Engineers/Quantity Surveyors (1 to be designated as Deputy to the Resident Engineer) Domestic 4 64
Other experts/ administrative staff    Domestic As required
 Total per Contract 96

                  Person-Month Input per PIC (Site Office Based)                                                      

Name of State     Estimated No. of Contracts per PIC Average Input per Contract  Estimated Input per PIC 
MP 40 96 3480

Estimated Total Person-Month Input per PIC

 Name of State  International Experts Domestic Experts (Site Office + Main Office)
MP 55 3977 (3840+137)

G.        Facilities  

16        Offices and utilities for the consultant will be financed under the consulting services contract. Transportation and accommodation of the consultant's staff will also be financed under the consulting services contract.  

H.         Reports  

17        The consultant will submit the following reports at the time and in the number of copies (also in electronic copies} indicated for each:  

(1)       Inception Report. To be submitted within three (3) weeks of the commencement of services. The report will be based on work and staffing schedules agreed during contract negotiations, will include the consultant's detailed work program and staffing for the main office and each of the site offices, will propose the format of reports, will highlight problems encountered and anticipated, and will recommend actions to be taken. (6 copies to the IA, 3 Copies to ADB)

(2)       Progress Report. Monthly reports to be submitted by the tenth day of the following month, and quarterly reports to be submitted by the 15th day of the following quarter. The reports will summarize the work performed during the reported period, identifying the problems encountered, and indicating the corrective actions taken or recommended. Regarding Activity 1, the reports will indicate the progress of each work item. Regarding Activity 3, the reports will include records of the meetings regarding contract administration, decisions taken, mobilization of resources (consultant's and contractors'), physical and financial progress achieved and the projected progress for the forthcoming period, in the format agreed by the Employer. (6 copies to IA, 3 copies to ADB)

(3)       Draft Detailed Project Report. To be submitted one month in advance of the date on which final Detailed Project Reports are due, for comments by the IA. (3 copies to the IA)

(4)       Final Detailed Project Report. To be submitted within two weeks of the receipt of comments on the Draft Detailed Project Report from the IA. (6 copies to the IA)

(5)       Draft ISA/LAP/IPDP/IEE. To be prepared as required, and to be submitted for review and comments by the IA. (3 copies to the-IA)

(6)       Draft Bidding Document. To be submitted one month in advance of the date on which the bidding document is to be issued. The document will include complete engineering drawings, bill of quantities, and cost estimates. (3 copies to the IA)

(7)       As-Built Drawings. To be submitted on completion of each civil works contract. (3 copies to the IA)

(8)       Project Completion Report. To be submitted upon completion of the services. (6 copies to IA, 3 copies to ADB) 


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