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Welcome to All General Manager, Project Implementation Unit of 
Madhya Pradesh Rural Road Development Authority
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Circular for GePNIC
8 18/02/19 18599/22/V12/IT/2019

Circular of New e-Tender (GePNIC) Portal for World Bank Tender.

7 24/12/18 09/22/V12/FA/Ten/2019  

Circular of New e-Tender (GePNIC) Portal.

6 24/12/18 23736/FA/RRDA/2018  

Circular of New e-Tender (GePNIC) Portal.

5 18/12/18 23188/FA/RRDA/2018  

Circular of New e-Tender (GePNIC) Portal.

4 a. BOQ for % Rate Tender
b. BOQ for Item Rate Tender-Modify
c. BOQ for % Rate Tender for MTN

Formates of BOQs for PIUs 

3   e. Technical Opening & Evaluation
d. Bidder Submission
c. Tender Creation & Publishing
b. Bidder Enrollment
a. Deptt Enrollment

Power Point presentation (ppts) related to GePNIC 

2 26/11/18 22485/22/V-12/RRDA/2018   

Regarding training of E-Tender (GePNIC) Portal.

1 26/11/18 22461/22/V-12/RRDA/IT/2018  

Regarding shifting on new tender Portal (GePNIC) Portal.

Circular for e-Marg (National)
4 16/06/2020 Letter no. 8954 Payment of PMSGY Roads(Maintenance) through e-MARG (National)
3 30/01/2020 PPT Presentation of e-MARG (National)
2 30/01/2020 Letter No 1683 Procedure for Logins
1 30/01/2020 Letter No 1685 Regarding on boarding to e-Marg (National)
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