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Details of Contractor's who have not completed the work of the package awarded on or before 31-12-2011
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Black Listed Contractor
Details of Contractor's who have not completed the work of the package awarded on or before 31-12-2012
Following Contractors are Debarred from Participation in Tenders in Terms of Special Condition No. 4.3 of Tender Document. 
S/No. Name of the Contractor
1 M/s Dwarka Construction Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur Joint Venture M/s B Gautam & Co. Jaipur
2 M/s Umesh Kumar Tiwari, Panna
3 M/s K N International LTD., Sonbhadra.
4 M/s Mahamaya Associates, Shahdol
5 M/s Apsiloan Electrical (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bhopal
6 M/s GangaSagar Singh, Gajipur
7 M/s Dharamveer Kumar Singh, Ambikapur
8 M/s Umesh Kumar Tiwari, Panna
9 M/s Bansal Highway, 12/10 Dr. Lohiya Marg, Allahabad (U.P.)
10 M/s Sancheti Construction Company, Balaghat
11 M/s Chadda Construction Company, Jhansi  (U.P.)
12 M/s Galaxy Developers, Gwalior
13 M/s K. G. Developers, Bhopal
14 M/s Yograj Singh Infrastructure NewDelhi
15 M/s B. Himmatlal Agrawal, Nagpur
16 M/s Tarpeedo Construction Co. Pvt Ltd. Jharkhand
17 M/s K D Singh Rewa
18 M/s Narmda Construction Pvt Ltd. Khargone
19 M/s Pramod Pratap Singh & Construction Co. Satna
20 M/s Surya Prakash Construction Co. Satna
21 M/s V K Agrawal
22 M/s S K Jain Bhopal
23 M/s Bansal Highway Construction Co. Allahabad
24 M/s Shradeya Construction, Kushalgarh, Rajasthan
25 M/s Strong Construction Co. Allahabad
26 M/s Riddhi Constructio, JharKhand
27 M/s Vigyashree Infrastructure Ltd, Bhopal
28 M/s Nair Construction Company, Sagar
29 M/s Baldau Minerals & Suppliers, Satna.
30 M/s Dharamdas Teerthdas Construction Pvt Ltd., Indore.
31 M/s Aneja Construction (I) Limited, Gujrat.
32 M/s Manu Builders & Contractors, Jabalpur.
33 M/s Rajshree Construction Company, Rajasthan.
34 M/s Shailendra Developemnet Services, Gwalior.
35 M/s Rumaoo Construction, Thane, M.H.
36 M/s Surendra Singh Rajput,  Sonkacha, Dewas (MP)
37 M/s Vijay Kumar Mishra, Rewa
38 M/s R D Construction Co. , Haryana
39 M/s Anis Khan, Bhind
40 M/s Solitier Comptech Pvt Ltd., Gwalior
41 M/s ChandraBhan Singh Gaur, Shivpuri
42 M/s Bhawani Prasad Sharma, Gwalior
43 M/s Madan Lal, Satna
44 M/s Sarkar Construction, Shahdol
45 M/s Brajraj Construction, Gujrat
46 M/s R P Group of Construction, Eta, UP
47 M/s K K Construction Co. Sidhi
48 M/s Khattar & Company Pvt. Ltd. Agra (U.P.)
49 M/s Agrawal Constructiuon Company, Shivpuri, MP
50 M/s ShreeNath Infrastructure Hoshangabad, MP
51 M/s R K Construction, Raisen
52 M/s Alkesh kumar Umravade, Betul
53 M/s Awdhesh Kumar Sharma, Guna
54 M/s Chetan Modi, Raipur (CG)
55 M/s Suman Infrastructure, Datia
56 M/s Satyam Construction Company, Gwalior
57 M/s A K Maurya Contractors, Etah, UP
58 M/s J D Borwell, Rewa
59 M/s Sai India Construction Pvt. Ltd. Rau, Indore
60 M/s New R.K.S. Company, Bulandshahar (UP)
61 M/s Sajjan Singh Tiwari Construction Co. Rewa
62 M/s K N Developers & Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.
63 M/s R C Construction (India) Pvt Ltd, Jabalpur
64 M/s Bhawandas Agrawal, Sehore
65 Vishakha Construction Services, Indore
66 M/s Advantage Equi Fund Pvt. Ltd.
67 M/s Shri Raj Construction, Panna
68 M/s Shukla Construction Company, Rewa
69 M/s Jai Mata Di Construction, Abbikapur, CG
70 M/s Om Veer Singh, Distt Bagpat, UP
71 M/s S K Lokhande, Bhopal
72 M/s Allied Traders, Gwalior
73 M/s Ashok Kumar Pathak, UP
74 M/s Bhagwati Construction & Supplier, Jhansi, UP
75 M/s Gayatri Construction & Co. Balaghat
76 M/s Trilok Chandra Gupta, Uttaranchal
78 M/s Trimurti Builders, Satna
79 M/s Shrinivasa Civil Works, Hydarabad
80 M/s Awadesh Pratap Singh, Sidhi
81 M/s N R Yadav, Tikamgarh
82 M/s Gurukripa Construction, Gwalior
83 M/s R. S. & Construction, Distt Atta, UP
84 M/s Raj Kumar Singh, Sidhi
85 M/s Trishul Contruction.
86 M/s S N Pandey Construction (I) Pvt Ltd.
87 M/s Tara Construction, Sonbhadra, UP
88 M/s Icon Construction, Waranasi, UP
89 M/s S. K. Jain Bhopal
90 M/s Kulwant Singh & Company, Ranchi
91 M/s Balveer Prajapati, Datia, (M.P.)
92 M/s P K Construction, Co. Nagpur, (MH)
93 M/s Gautam Construction Co. Gwalior
94 M/s Ajit Singh Surendra Singh Accosiates, Sidhi, MP
95 M/s Amit Construction Company, Amethi, UP
96 M/s Nirwan EarthMovers Engineers & Contractor, Delhi
97 M/s Khushnayan Suryawanshi, Chhindwara
98 M/s Rajendra Singh, Satna, MP
99 M/s Masiha Construction, Gwalior, MP
100 M/s Om Shri Shanti Builders Pvt Ltd, Gwalior
101 M/s Om Prakash Agrawal, Jaipur
102 M/s Prem Bahadur Singh, Sidhi
103 M/s Vikram Singh, Satna
104 M/s J.Y and Sons, Balaghat
105 M/s V.K Sahu, Engineer & Contractor, Betul
106 M/s Ravindra Kumat Khade. Betul
107 M/s B C Biyani Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra
108 M/s Arvind Singh Construction, Rewa
109 M/s Ramsay Construction Company, Gwalior
110 M/s Dulara Construction, Sagar (MP)
111 M/s S. B. Enterprises, Mirjapur (UP)
112 M/s National Project Construction Corporation Ltd. Jhabua (MP)
113 M/s Teerthraj Singh, Sidhi
114 M/s Guru Kripa Construction Co. Shahdol
115 M/s Vijay Infrastructure Limited, Lucknow
116 M/s Shree Raja Construction Co. Bhopal
117 M/s L N Malviya, Jaipur
118 M/s Ujagar Construction Co. Gwalior
119 M/s Shukadev Prasad Patel, Seoni, MP
120 M/s V N Kedia, Contractor Engineers & Builders, Bhopal, MP
121 M/s Awadhash Kumar Sharma, Guna, MP
122 M/s Dwarka Construction, Jaipur
123 Ms B R  Civil Construction Company, Rewa(M.P.)
124 M/s Ram Singh, Rewa (M.P.)
125 M/s New Vikas Construction Company, Rewa (M.P.)
126 M/s Prakash Associates, Satna(M.P.)
127 M/s Ajay Construction Company, Raipur (M.P.)
128 M/s Nav Bharat Buildicon Pvt. LTD. Rajgarh (M.P.)
129 M/s Maa Vindhyavasni Construction, Sonbhdra (U.P.)
130 M/s Kailash Singh, Satna (M.P.)
131 M/s Shri Madhuraj Purohit, Sagar (M.P.)
132 M/s Om Sai Construction, Barwani (M.P.)
133 M/s Anuj Associate, Jhasi (M.P.)
134 M/s Harveer Singh and Company, Indore (M.P.)
135 M/s Sarvesh Builder and Engineres, Lakhnaw (U.P.)
136 M/s S P C Infrastructure Pvt. LTD, Jaipur
137 M/s Gajendra Raghuwanshi, Bhopal
138 M/s Sai Mega Builders, Pvt. Ltd. Indore
139 M/s Chandi Enterprises, Bihar
140 M/s R C  Contruction India Pvt Ltd. Jabalpur
141 M/s National Project Construction Corporation Ltd., Faridabad
142 M/s Singh & Singh Construction Company, Gwalior
143 M/s Sangam Construction Co., Chhatarpur (MP) MP-06SC07
144 M/s Jai Maa Construction Co., Chhatarpur (MP) MP-0674(BW)
145 M/s T R Trehan, Dewas MP-1051
146 M/s Agrawal Construction, Gwalior MP-3663BW
147 M/s Teleco0munication Consultant India Ltd, (TCIL)New Delhi MP-3635
148 M/s Narendra Kumar Patidar, Sehore MP-3957 BW
149 M/s A K Patel, Rajkot, Gujrat MP-02104
150 M/s Shri Ram Infrastructure, Bhopal MP-10B019
151 M/s Brahmdin & Sons, District Allahabad, UP MP-3264
152 M/s Narmada Construction Company, Satna MP-3481
153 M/s Mohmmad Salim, Rewa MP-50SC010
154 M/s Sardar Jogindar Singh, Narsinghpur MP26119
155 M/s Bal Govind Singh, Dewas MP-11197
156 M/s Mamta Construction & Supplier, Satna MP-46MTN060
157 M/s  Rajmarg Creation Guna MP MP-1331
158 M/s Vishvkusum Infratech Jabalpur MP MP-4463
159 M/s Jugal Kishore Ramkishan Agrawal Infrastructure, Gujrat MP-19140
160 M/s Balbahadur Singh Thakur, Sehore MP-3575
161 M/s Amit Construction Company, Amethi, UP MP-32MTN008
162 M/s Aspo Construction Co. , Singroli MP-50MTN040
163 M/s Balbahadur Singh Thakur Construction Co., Sehore, Madhya Pradesh MP-35100
164 M/s Syad Ali Contractor, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh MP-1521
165 M/s R.V.S. Project 12, Sahkara, Banglore MP-38-I-95
166 M/s Rajendra Singh Patel, Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh MP-26114
167 M/s Basediya, Construction Co., Narsinghpur , Madhya Pradesh MP-26118
168 M/s Sanskarti Interprises, Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh MP-50MTN-053
169 M/s Ramayana Singh, Mirjapur, U.P. MP-41112
170 M/s Vanshikha Construction, Narginghpur, MP MP-26112, MP-26113
171 M/s Amit & Accosiate, Bhopal, MP MP-06-MTN-003
172 M/s Satya Buildcon India Pvt Ltd,Satna, MP  MP-1811 Part
173 M/s Balaji Construction, Khandwa, MP MP-48MTN001
174 M/s Nayak Infrastructure, Dhar, MP MP-11187
175 M/s Girijesh Kumar Pandey, Rewa MP-1257
176 M/s Anirudh Builders & Developers, Gwalior MP-22SC07, MP22SC05
177 M/s S S & Company, Rewa MP-3281
178 M/s Anilraj Jain, Jabalpur, MP MP-2386
179 M/s Indus Buildcon, Satna, MP MP-34MTN055
180 M/s Harsh Construction Co. Jabalpur, MP MP-12MTN011,
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